Allilegih Peiraia

Allilegih Peiraia is a popular multilayered process which includes among others alternative currency, arts & culture, food collection and distribution, solidarity kitchen and solidarity school in the city-port Piräus.

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# Aspirational Goals

Participants want to cover as many aspects of social and economic life in common.


# Legal Status & Location

They are organized as 'amke', which is a specific legal form for a non profit civil society organization. in Piräus near Athens, Greece, Europe

# When did they start?

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# How do they work?


"It is probably the only initiative that I know in Greece, that incorporated an alternative currency not because of ideology but because they understood that they needed it to motivate people to participate more in the already existing activities of solidarity economy and commons. They play a very important role in the local network of solidarity economy and commons, providing help and benefitting from the knowledge and provisions of neighboring districts. It has a very strong stock of food, whenever other initiatives don't have food to share or cook, they help out - so it also operates as a foodbank.

# How are they financed?

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# Which Core Dimensions of Commoning are enacted?

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# Peer-Governance in the Commons

- Separate Commons & Commerce - Develop Shared Purpose & Values - Assure Commoners' Consent in Decisionmaking - Set Semi-Permeable Boundaries - Relationalize Property - Ritualize Togetherness - Share Knowledge Often & Widely - Honor Transparency in a Sphere of Trust - [Respect Human Dimensions] - Direct Capital to Commons Provisioning - Self-Monitor, Mediate & Sanction. The project observed that - when becoming popular - many people from the neighborhood came there only to receive. While they didn't want to exclude people from receiving food nor did they want to make the choice of who is in how is out, the started introducing the currency - called Porto - in order to have a system to observe who contributes also to the initiativen and who doesnt. So they says: There is multiple work to be done - one can do whatever one wants, but in order to get the food package people are asked to work at least 4 hours a week in whatever activity they choose from a serious of necessary activities. Every hour is a Porto - not a real payment but a symbolic token. (The Porto is printed). With the Porto there were a few people that stopped coming but many more people were activated.


# How does Provisioning through commons occur?


The most important thing is how to invest in time, not in money. They have invested many time a lot of time without knowing if they can reach their goals. If people feel attracted to the purpose of an activity, many people invest their time. F.i. they started an agricultural project to find abandonned orange tree feels - trying to collect and sell them on the market in order to generate income. It was time-consuming; consuming means of transportation and dealing with selling products they were not used to do, let alone the legal risk. Finally, it was not worth it and they abandonned the activity. Risk taking in time expense and legal punishment. But they learned something. When they discussed how to design the porto they started with the need - couldn't know if it will success but they did.

- Share the Risks of Provisioning - Make & Use Together They don't make everything all together, because they are many people - around 800. Some make jewellery, others soaps, other artcrafts, others furniture. They all belong to the same organization. Nor do they cook all together, but they eat together, but roles are not allocated, roles are circulating. People switch roles. Usually its small groups of people that work together. When they sell produces - a certain percentage goes back to the commons and the other part to the small group. These groups then self-govern how they deal with the money. Social kitchen several times per week for their own needs. - Pool & Share knowledge, inclusive the knowledge of production is shared, however some designs are trademarked - Pool, Cap if Necessary & Divide up - Cap & Mutualize - Trade with Price-Sovereignty - Use Convivial Tools - Rely on Distributed Structures - Produce Cosmo-Locally - Cocreate Generative Change

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# Inner Kernel

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# Realms of Commoning

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