Pool, Cap if Necessary & Divide up


Review of Cho Cho San, Potts Point: sharing is caring with food bloggers! by Insatiableunchies. Licence: CC BY 2.0. source

# Storify

Pool & Divide up is an elemental experience for human beings, ranging from sharing the bounty of hunting and gathering, to potluck dinners and, in American history, quilting bees and barn-raising among settlers on the frontier. A classic contemporary example of pool & share is open source software or Wikipedia. Contributors add to the pool of resources, and take what they want -- in this case, without diminishing the resource for anyone else, because digital code can be copied at virtually no cost.

# Examples

La Minga de Curgos, Public Domain source

- Countless common practices in everyday life where people Decouple Giving & Taking.

- Traditional subsistence commons

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