Honor Care

Commoning honours the role of caring for each other, for life and a sustainable use of collective resources

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This dimension expresses, that commoning requires personal engagement with other people and the shared resources. Care can be expressed in a uncounted small acts of commoning, but it encompasses more than just “small acts". One could say that most of the dimensions of Provisioning through Commons are also characteristic for Care. It is a way of engagement, of being in the world as "lived, practiced, and felt world." (Dawney

[…] small acts of commoning…foster a mode of being in the world which engages us as active subjects. The commons produced through them is not a lost and mourned world, or one harking back to a foundational fiction, but instead is a lived, practiced, and felt world.”1

As Patrick Bresnihan puts it in "The More than Human Commons" (2016:xxx):

The concept of 'care' is helpful in trying to articulate the ethos underlying the situated and negotiated practices of commoning. Care denotes the immediate inter-dependency of human and non-human life; it expresses relations between particular collectives of humans and non-humans that are not fixed or prescribed in advance but are worked out according to and across a variety of different needs and interests.“ (Bresnihan 2016:99)

One could argue that similar to care, also commoning is an idea that ...

„These ways of doing care are grounded in an ethos that respects and understand limits at the same time as it respects and understands potential and possibility. Navigating these changeable parameters is the practical, situated 'doing' of care-work, which is to say commoning. This will always involve forms of practical negotiation and experiment.“ (Bresnihan 2016:99)

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Essay by Ina Praetorius: "The Care-Centered Economy: Rediscovering what has been taken for granted." pdf

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