Complex Social Structures

According to Ch. Alexander (wiki ) "ALL well-ordered complex system we know in the world", at least all those we regard as highly successful, are generated structures and not fabricated ones. (cf. generatedness) For getting an idea of successful, complex social structures - like the commons - we need to understand the way they are generated in a living process. (cf. NoO II:180) Interestingly most of the forms allowing for successful complex social structures are simple structures. Because:

It is simple structure that allows for maximum relationships (you need only think of the sphere whose simplicity allowsw for so many properties at once.)" (ibid. 201)

this most basic question: Is the way that we view design, planning and construction [...] in ecosystems, buildings, communities, objects, computers and computer software - the right way to produce sufficient complexity? [...] And the answer is, that there is a fundamental law about the creation of complexity, which is visible and obvious to everyone - yet this law is to all intents and purposes ignored in 99% of the daily fabrication processes of society." (Christopher Alexander, NoO II: 180/181)

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Christopher Alexander (2006): The Process of Creating Life: Nature of Order, Book 2: An Essay on the Art of Building and the Nature of the Universe (The Nature of Order); Berkeley, California