Here we collect information about the Zapatistas", mainly about their their cosmovision, concepts and language, because language matters.

A world where many worlds fit.

El Mural de Taniperla. source

# Legal Status and Location?

- name the legal status and add a link if available - Mexico


# 1. Which Core Dimensions of Commoning are enacted?

# 2. How does Provisioning through commons occur?

# 2.a Use Convivial Tools Single out which kind of tools are used and tag them with: Constituting Tools and/or Knowledge Creation and/or Socializing Tools and/or Infrastructures and/or Finance and/or Laws

# 3. Self-Governance in the Commons # 3.a Governing Internal Relations

Aspirational goals: build "a world, where many worlds fit", it's like polycultivation, i.e.

"polyculture in the milpa and in the municipality." (Quincy Raul)

- Metaphors: usually taken from nature, the most important one is the "caracol", snail. - Epistemology: - Rationality: coin it according to the preestablished list of rationality-types

# Sources

add the websites, documents and media you've drawn upon