Words for a Commons Friendly World

Beat the Bounds

Basic Commons Income

Care-wealth. (DAVIDS EMAIL) With “care-wealth,” there are meanings and emotions that people attach to the “resource” that do not exist when it is a mere marketable commodity. The emotions/affective meanings stem from the fond memories and histories that people have of their relationships with the “resource.” A family vacation cottage is not just a house; it is a place filled with wonderful memories of caring for it. Indigenous peoples regard the land, plants and animals of their landscape as “care-wealth” because they would never see their value in a market price. Too much of their identities and culture and family histories are wrapped up in the “resource.” THAT turns it into care-wealth.

Collaborative Finance

Commoditization or Commodification: According to Anna L. Tsing, an "emblem for commoditization more generally" is "the continual, never-finished cutting off of entanglement." (Tsing 2015:271)

Commoner. the difference between "managing a common pool resource " and "a commons" is the degree of consciousness of what you're doing.If you consider yourself a commoner and if you realize and reflect upon what you're doing in terms of commoning, it's a commons, if not - you do the same thing, but it's kind of a situation of "collective management of common pool resources" (WAS A CONVERSATION WITH ANDREAS NIGHTINGGALE for the PATTERNS BOOK, we can make it succint, but I want to discuss the idea

Convivial Tools Cosmo-Local Production

Cosmopolitan Localism

Decommodify: to engage in a process of immunization from market dependency.

Decommodified work: Work that is not treated as (turned into) a commodity itself. The lion share of the work that needs to be done in a commons, should not be "for sale on the labor market", but seen and performed as entitlement. Decommodified work cannot be assigned authoritatively, it is self-appointed. Self appointment helps making sure that people can contribute "what they really really want" (Fritjof Bergmann). The basis of decommodified work are agreements, not contracts. Some conditions have to be met for successfully decommodifying work: People must be in the condition(arrgh, weird English) to contribute their ideas and energy. 1) people cannot be completely dispossessed - food, healthcare, secure shelter are its basis. Therefore the notion is linked to Relationalized Property. It is hard to decommodify work in a possessive individualist market-society. 2) the satisfaction to contribute one's own labour has to be greater than the expected wages, rewards and returns from commodified labour in the long run." Antonym: labor ; Source: C.B. Macpherson: The Political Theory of Possessive Individualism. Hobbes to Locke, Oxford 1962, therein: the simple market society)


Freedom in Relatedness

Gentle Reciprocity

Heterarchy: The original Greek (> ετεραρχία) meaning explains it well: the term combines 'heter' meaning “other, different” and 'archy' meaning “rule”. That is: in a heterarchy, different types of rules and organizational structures are being combined, top-down and bottom-up structures (both hierarchical), and peer-to-peer dynamics. A heterarchy therefore has the potential to bring responsible autonomy and the need for multilevel governance (hence, some sort of hierarchy) into alignment.

Money-Lite Commoning Nested-I


Ontology: No, dear data-nerds and programmers, an ontology is not "a kind of taxonomy with structure and specific types of relationships between terms". At least not in this book.

OntoShift Pattern / pattern language


Peer Governance

Pluriverse: An understanding of the world and of the way people recreate the world each day (world-making), that is based on the respect of "prior diversity" rather than "prior unity". There is no single source of being. No knowledge system is better than another. A pluriverse is "a world in which many worlds fit", as the Zapatistas say. This is the way, the only way, to deal intelligently and politically with this particularity of life. And yet, note that this sentence starts with A world. Pluriversal thinking recognizes, that this is the boundary within which "many worlds" MUST fit. We only have one planet Earth. See also pluriversality, pluriversal being, World Making in a Pluriverse). Antonym: One-World-World



Relationalized Property:Antonyms: Dominium, Possessive Indivdualism html .


Socially Cohesive Commons

Sustainment (rather than Sustainability)

Ubuntu Rationality

Value Sovereignty



Vocabulary: Originally the latin term 'vocabularium' means "list of words with explanations" But a look at our real vocabularies reveals, that they are more like collections and stocks. The approach is to bring an ever evolving universe of terms, concepts and words together rather than to classify them (as in a taxonomy); and to make the multifold relationships between these words visible. A consistent, shared vocabulary helps unterstanding each other, even though people don't share nor concrete experiences nor a knowledge base. Corresponding term in the Glossary of Broken-World Words: taxonomy

# See also Lost in Translation Projects mentioned -> will be appendix in the book