The Book

Outline of Structure for This Book Title by Silke and David, May 22, 2017 | See also: make commoning work.


# PART I: A NEW WORLDVIEW STRUGGLES TO BE BORN 1. (was 1): Commons and Commoning 2. (was 2): Systemic Problems Require Systemic Solutions 3. (was 4): Language: An Indispensable Tool in Building the Commons # PART II: (NEW): A FRAMEWORK FOR UNDERSTANDING COMMONING* 4. (new): Core Dimensions of Commoning 5. (was 7): Re-imagining 'The Economy': Provisioning through Commons 6. (new): Dynamics of Self-Governance in Commons** 7. (new): The Inner Kernel (Worldview and Vision of Human Being) # PART III (WAS II): STATE POWER, MARKETS & COMMONS 8. (was 5): State Power and Commoning 9. (was 6): Capital, Markets & Commoning 10. (was 8): Reimagining Politics, Law & Policy # PART IV (WAS III): CONCLUSION & THE PATH FORWARD 11. (was 9 & 10): How to Contribute to a Paradigm Shift? Transition Strategies for Making Commons and Commoning Thrive


* situate framework with respect to Ostrom scholarship, contemporary commons and neoliberal politics, explain why this framework is needed and timely

** Governing internal relations only, external relations to be discussed in chapter 8