Tech Questions

- Why does the most recent version of "Recent Changes" sometimes "disappear"? It seems that I sometimes accidentally and unknowingly "Remove" the existing version (according to the Factory symbol) in the course of doing ordinary stuff on the wiki. Then I have to find the previous version and fork it, to make it the current, latest version again. -> same happens to my and I resolve it the same way. I am not yet sure if I wanna ask or if we continue working a bit on the wiki to find out if the problem "disappears" the more fed-wiki savvy we become

- I'm having trouble using phototransporter to migrate metadata for photos. The photo transfers, but not the credits, CC license, etc.

-> working on this with Jon

- Why are the "newer" and "older" versions tagged on a given panel? Why not simply display the most recent one? Is it because that version has not yet been forked, and I need to affirmatively make that choice?

-> I've asked that question on riot.

How do you insert a "gray separator" into a page (as you have done, Silke)?

-> go to the factory, choose "page fold", open the field and type whatever text you wish to appear in the "gray separator"

I can't do markdown on a paragraph after writing it....but you said that hitting Shift + double-click on the mouse did this. Am I doing something wrong?

-> excellent question: I try it always. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't and I don't understand why. If it doesn't - you know the solution. If the problem persists, I can ask.

Why can't one have automatic paragraphs in markdown? How does one have paragraphs in markdown?

- > don't understand the question: to have paragraphs in markdown. you open the factory, push the plug-in "markdown" and type in mark-down mode

I could be wrong about a VPN, Virtual Private Network, working to give a private boundary around our fed wiki. VPNs seem to be for anonymizing one's browser history and protecting it from data-miners. We'll need to consult with a tech person on this.

-> agree. Let's wait for Jon's response on that important topic. Before signing the contract, Heike will ask us to give a guarantee and we need to come up with an answer, so; it's on my agenda.