Solidarity Clinics

What is the project all about? When you open a sub-panel via this template, the name of the tool/project/initiative will convert into the title of this panel. However, a few lines can be added as short description.

add a quote or a remarkable sentence/ idea here

# Legal Status and Location?

- name the legal status and add a link if available - add place/city, add country and continent as a link (tag) -> link back! or - determine if the project is bioregional or transnational


If you want to use an image (recommended), use the following image transporter.


# When did it start?

add year if available + source if possible

if vanished add when and why

# How do they work?

add a short description about the project's work, strategies, practices etc.

# Finances and Partnerships

describe and add links to innovativ models or to partners


# 1. Which Core Dimensions of Commoning are enacted?

add a short description, then name the ones you've identified out of the list of our 8 dimensions that are met and another list with those that are irrelevant and/or not met; if not sure, you can add an asterix to the dimension you've doubts about

# 2. How does Provisioning through commons occur?

Which elements of Provisioning through Commons are present, and how? Be as concrete as possible, even storytelling might fit!

# 2.a Use Convivial Tools Single out which kind of tools are used and tag them with: Constituting Tools and/or Knowledge Creation and/or Socializing Tools and/or Infrastructures and/or Finance and/or Laws

# 3. Self-Governance in the Commons # 3.a Governing Internal Relations add a short description or name the ones you've identified out of the list of our 7 dimensions

# Governing External Relations Proceed the same way selecting from the following dimensions

# 4. Inner Kernel

- Aspirational goals: if possible quote - Relational categories: name them - Metaphors: if possible quote - Epistemology: - Rationality: coin it according to the preestablished list of rationality-types


# Realms of Commoning delete those which don't apply; if you are missing a top-level-tag; put a note in [Notes to Silke] Air&Atmosphere, Art&Culture, Communication, Democratic Innovation, Energy, Fisheries, Food, Forests, Health, Housing, Knowledge, Land, Learning, Mobility, Spirit&Well Being, Spaces for Commoning

# Assessment by Silke or David use the Five Stars for a quick signaling or/and describe your assessment


# Sources

GreeceSolidarity Website html

# Additional Notes

add whatever information or idea might be useful for the future, add info about how the project is being financed