Here we give a short description of what we understand by power.

Macht ist aber immer die Herrschaft von Menschen über Menschen. Wir nennen die Aufgabe, die damit entsteht, die Politik. Macht ist aber dem eigenen Wesen nach maßfremd und maßfeindlich. Macht will immer mehr Macht. Hans-Georg Gadamer

- Power is relational. (cf Foucault html -> Power "rather it designated the way in which the conduct of individuals or of groups might be directed.") - Power is will/volition in the head. - Power is sovereignity of/over interpretation and meaning.

# Power in the Commons: the horizon

- derives from freedom to ... self-organize, control means of production, be structurally independent from Market-State - derives from knowledge and knowing how to common - derives from a sense and security of belonging (web of life and web of relationsships)

„Power must be analyzed as something which circulates, or as something which only functions in the form of a chain . . . Power is employed and exercised through a netlike organization . . . Individuals are the vehicles of power, not its points of application”. (Foucault, Michel (1980), Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews and Other Writings 1972–1977, London: Harvester Press, p. 98. Dt: "Die Macht übt sich als Netz aus."!

# Power in the Commons: the challenges

These are "how to deal with" questions? We might open a specific site for each of them. - How are troublemakers or mischiefs constrained or held accountable? - How do deal with bad leadership? - How can commoners prevent harmful concentrations of power or decisionmaking?

# Sources

- Sergiu Bălan: M. Foucault's view on power relations, phd pdf

# See also Tom Atlee on Power html