Governance Practices template

The title of this panel is the name of the practice/initiative Describe with 3-4 lines what it is all about.

NOTE: If the practice is clearly about the external relations, delete the internal ones to make this panel more readable


# Where?

add place, region and tag with one or two of these: Africa, Asia, Americas, Australia/Oceania, Europe, bioregional, transnational


# When did it start?

add year if available + source if possible

# Inspired by:

Add the theories other (historical) practices this governance proposal/practice draws from.


Lento pero avanzo

If there is information available, add a short description how HOW sth. is done, i.e. how "property is relationalized" You can also make a guess deducing from what you know about this practice or add a source for further readings

Rely on Herararchy: ADD TEXT HERE

Relationalize Property: ADD TEXT HERE


add a quote

Beat the Bounds of Capitalocentrism: ADD TEXT HERE

Emulate & Then Federate: ADD TEXT HERE


# Additional Information

# See also

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# Sources

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