Commons Public Partnership

A Commons Public Partnership gives priority to the sovereignty and needs of commoners in dealing with public authorities. This contrasts to alternatives such as Public Private Partnerships or Public Commons Partnerships, in which businesses or government, respectively, play the dominant role.

A Commons Public Partnership is mean to

"commonalize" or "commonificate" the public services, like the water utilities, mainly through democratic participation of the people, transforming citizens in commoners. (Tommaso Fattori)

# Description

When such partnerships give priority to commoners, they are likely to elicit creative energies, commitment and local knowledge that would not be otherwise mobilized. As Miguel Martinez of Nidiaci Community Garden in Florence, Italy, writes:

"What we as commoners need are solutions to specific problems: things like getting a broken water pipe repaired, being allowed to plant a garden, getting chairs for concerts (which is where we began to work together), getting things for free that you normally have to pay for, having a signature on a piece of paper allowing us to do something." e-mail re Nidiaci Garden, Florence, May 25, 2017.

"...a channel where I can pick up the phone and say, "I just had an idea, do you think we could do it?" and she says, "Let's try, I know the right office to call, and I think we could also add this and this"; and she can call me with ideas about what we can do." e-mail, M.Martinez, May 25, 2017.

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