Calculative rationality

The three main elements of a calculative mind are: - efficiency: trying to reach a maximum result with a minimal effort - predictability: pretend that we can predict future - calculability: be concerned with numerical data, statistics and scoring According to Max Weber, the idea that human behaviour can be geared, technologically controled comes along with this mindset and is dehumanizing.

However, as says Robin Le Mare from Alithwaith/Cumbria in a letter to the Guardian html in response to a long read from August 5, 2017 about "How Britain fell out of love with the free market" html

[the] misanthropic view that everyone is essentially selfish, is bust. The hypocrisy of that idea is astounding, the more so that it gained such following and influence, as every one of those who supported it had families, lived in communities, joined clubs and depended on others every day.

# Sources The Rationalization of Society and Types of Rationality according to Max Weber on video