About Search Plugin

Search retrieves page references from information recorded by federated wiki search services.

Search remains experimental. plugin server

The plugin may be fully or partially configured for a specific query.

dorkbot AND oscon

When further input is required an input field or search button appears and searching is delayed until return/enter or the button is pressed.

LINKS about plugin AND INPUT

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The caption says 'ready' while waiting for user input.

The caption says 'searching' while waiting for results.

The caption says 'nn titles' when as many results show.

# Markup

Control words are entered in all caps. Search terms are case-insensitive but traditionally entered in lower case. Only the last relevant control word applies.

Say WORDS for exact words matching terms.

Say LINKS for internal links containing terms.

Say SITES for item/journal sites matching terms.

Say SLUGS for page titles as slugs matching terms.

Say ITEMS for item ids matching terms.

Say PLUGINS for item types matching terms.

Say AND or ALL if all terms should match.

Say OR or ANY if any term should match.

Say INPUT to delay until additional terms are entered.

Say SEARCH to delay until a search button is pressed.

Note. The INPUT and SEARCH options bypass the item editing and journal recording that would otherwise accompany casual searching.

See More About Search Plugin for more options.